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Our work in the analysis of cell phone (cellular and wireless) usage, records*, bills, billing, invoices, location, practices and systems began in 2000. For these call, data and message records, invoices and bills we have assessed accuracy and uncovered errors relating to: duration, content, timing, charges, disposition, routing, location, sender and receiver identity, categorization, coding, and rating.
*Including Call Detail Records (CDR)

Although varied, most of our consulting engagements have involved the identification, assessment and analysis of:

  • Call Detail Records and Charging Data Records (CDR)
  • Systems, methods, practices, standards and technologies used to generate, store, and process CDRs and subscriber invoices
  • Carrier charges for incomplete, busy and unanswered calls and data events.
  • Differences and inconsistencies in the call and event information found in network call detail records and in a subscriber's bills and invoices.
  • Triangulation and location determination
    • LoCation Services (LCS) and Positioning methods (/locating methods), systems, and technologies
    • Cell site data/Tracking data
    • Cell tower mapping
    • Sender and receiver identity and location
  • Call and data event timing: start, end and duration times
  • Usage profiles and call and message patterns.
  • Carrier invoices

We have been also called upon to:
  • Assess accuracy of Call Detail Records, subscriber invoices and billing systems and practices
  • Analyze calling & messaging patterns and behavior
  • Evaluate call, messaging and data event recording, timing and rating (pricing) technologies, systems and methods
  • Differentiate between incomplete and completed calls and data events
  • Determine the actual start, end, and duration times for calls and data events
  • Determine the actual number of calls and data events
  • Assess accuracy and reliability of the systems, methods, and practices used by carriers to identify completed calls, rate calls and categorize calls.
  • Identify the actual sender and receiver of a call or data event
  • Implement message processing call audits of usage records including call detail records and data events
  • Identify errors caused by defective data, data not generated, data not collected, lost data or data not properly processed.
For additional information see Expert Witness Services

Other expert and consulting services focus on:
Cell Phones
Cell Phone Records, Billing and Usage
Mobile Phones
Radio Spectrum
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Our Litigation Support Services are headed by Mr. Jerry Kaufman, the president of Alexander Resources. In addition to managing all engagements, he directly manages the research and production of all expert reports, analysis, and testimony. He personally testifies at trial and depositions.

Please refer to Mr. Kaufman's biography for additional information on his background and capabilities.

For a confidential review of your requirements, please contact Carol Smyth at 972-818-8225 or via e-mail at

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