U.S. Subscriber Saturation in 2004 Will Push Wireless Carriers to 3G

DALLAS, Texas, May 8

An in-depth analysis of mobile phone subscribers in the United States by Alexander Resources, a leading research, consulting and education firm specializing in wireless communications, has determined that 2004 will be a pivotal year for the future of U.S. wireless services. By 2004 nearly all people who can afford wireless services will have subscribed. Accordingly, the company expects a significant decline in subscriber growth rates beyond this date. Declining growth rates will force wireless carriers to heavily market new 2.5G and 3G wireless services.

Alexander's analysis of current mobile subscriber and population growth rates, U.S. census demographic data and economic projections, has determined that mobile phone subscribers will represent 59.9% of the total U.S. population by 2004. This level of penetration will account for substantially all U.S. households with incomes greater than $25,000 annually - a minimum income level necessary to afford wireless services. This juncture will cause subscriber growth rates to decline to 9.7% annually from current levels of 27.2%. Annual growth rates are forecast to decline even further, reaching 2.3% by 2009.

Alexander believes carriers will be forced to offer new high-speed wireless data, Internet and information services to counter declining growth in revenue caused by lowered subscriber growth. These new 2.5G and 3G services are forecast to increase ARPU 14.0% by 2005.

Additional information on this research and other issues critical to the success of 3G Wireless and the Mobile Internet are addressed in two new business seminars from Alexander Resources.

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Additional information can be obtained from Alexander Resources at 972-818-8225, on the web at www.AlexanderResources.com or by e-mail at seminars@AlexanderResources.com.

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