Key 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Services Identified in New Research by Alexander Resources

DALLAS, Texas, February 20

New research into a variety of services planned for 3G Wireless and the Mobile Internet by Alexander Resources, a leading research, consulting and education firm specializing in wireless communications, has found that only a few of these services would be able to achieve a high level of market acceptance.

The purpose of the analysis, the first ever comprehensive investigation of services planned for 3G Wireless and the Mobile Internet markets, was to identify those services that have the highest potential of consumer acceptance and usage. Its analysis showed that while many of these services offered real benefits to consumers they would face significant deployment and acceptance hurdles. As a result, only a few of these services have the potential to achieve a high level of market acceptance. Further, of all the services it examined, only 13% would require the high bandwidths planned for 3G Wireless.

The company evaluated 32 current and planned 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet services in 10 major categories. Each service was evaluated in terms of bandwidth requirements, usage and acceptance limiters, product and service precedents, correlation to basic human needs, cultural and social conformity, mobility correlation, investments and modifications needed in related and supporting systems, and marketing and education effort.

Included in the evaluation were:

Location related information and services

> Travel/driving instructions

> Physical locations/addresses

> Identifying current location

> Asset tracking


> E-mail, IM, fax, voice mail, conferencing, alerts, etc.

"Look At This" One-way Spontaneous Video Applications

Mobile e-commerce

> Product & service purchases

> Financial transactions/Payments

Remote Control/Monitoring

> Dispensing machines

> Home appliances, electronics

> Office machines


> Security

> Healthcare

> Vehicle information

General Information

> Product/service descriptions, pricing, availability

> Travel

> Sports

> Stock/financial

> News

> Weather

> Entertainment schedules/locations/reservations

Internet access and surfing

Corporate databases

> Customer information

> Order status

> Messaging

> Document access

General Video


> Audio (clips/streaming)

> Video (clips/streaming)

> Games and gambling

> Books and magazines

Based on its analysis, Alexander Resources determined that of all 32 services planned for 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet:

> 88% of the services did not require the high bandwidths planned for 3G

> 31% of the services had significant consumer usage acceptance hurdles: usage (time and bandwidth) cost, cost of terminals, other radio hardware, software and interfaces, and satisfactory viewing conditions.

> 44% would require significant consumer education and marketing exposure

> 59% of all services directly address user need for the service while they are mobile

> 4% of all services faced significant cultural and social acceptance hurdles

> 44% would require significant investments/modifications to existing or related systems and services before they could be offered to, or used by, consumers

Based on its analysis, Alexander Resources determined that messaging, physical locations and addresses, identification of current location and product/service descriptions, pricing, availability would have the most immediate and widest market acceptance.

Additional information on this research and other issues critical to the success of 3G Wireless and the Mobile Internet are addressed in two new business seminars produced by Alexander Resources.

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