Alexander Resources Identifies Four Key Stages to Full 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Availability and Acceptance

DALLAS, Texas, March 13

Resulting from its ongoing research in 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet, Alexander Resources, a leading research, consulting and education firm specializing in wireless communications, has determined that deployment and acceptance of these next generation wireless systems and services will occur in four distinct stages:

> Stage One: Data Network Deployment

> Stage Two: Interoperation and Standards Convergence

> Stage Three: New Wireless Device Proliferation

> Stage Four: Full 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Realization

Stage One will be characterized by the targeted deployment of wireless data communications capabilities within existing networks through overlay and replacement and the introduction of packet switching. Specific focus will be given to optimizing and segmenting network capacity, increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs.

Stage Two will accelerate market acceptance through the evolution, harmonization and reduction in the number and types of wireless terminal and related platform standards (2G SMS, WAP, and i-Mode to 2.5/3G standards and convergence of EPOC, WinCE, and Palm OS). Text will begin the transition to multi-media graphics and mobile graphical user interfaces will begin to appear. This will result in service transparency, improved ease of use, and the reduction in content development and deployment time and cost.

Stage Three will further accelerate market acceptance through the greater availability of new and sophisticated wireless terminals, devices and interfaces. In addition to broad availability of Smartphones with larger screens, wireless interfaces will become popular in appliances, machines and other fixed products and systems. This will in turn spur further investment in higher throughput network infrastructures.

Stage Four will represent the full realization of 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet capabilities. Utilizing new mobile operating systems and programming languages, it will be characterized by new personalized messaging services and fully adapted access to the entire universe of public and private databases, applications, and information sources.

Additional information on this research and other issues critical to the success of 3G Wireless and the Mobile Internet are addressed in two new business seminars produced by Alexander Resources.

The "Making Money in the U.S. Wireless Internet Market" seminar is the only business seminar to address the hurdles, opportunities, strategies and tactics to maximizing profits and revenues in the U.S. Wireless Internet market.

The "3G Wireless: Promises and Realities" seminar is the only seminar to provide a critical and objective examination of third generation wireless networks and services in the context of market, customer and political realities.

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