Analysis of 3G Wireless Technologies Finds
CDMA2000 ‘Data-Only’ To Be Superior to WCDMA and Wi-Fi, According to Alexander Resources

Delays in WCDMA Presents Significant Window of Opportunity

DALLAS, Texas, November 18, 2003 – Wireless CDMA2000 1xEV-DO (Data Only) technology has significant advantages over WCDMA, the dominant UMTS technology. EV-DO requires less clear spectrum to deploy, currently delivers higher average and peak throughput, and is less expensive. That is one of the major conclusions of a new research report, "CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Opportunities, Challenges & Competitive Strategies", now available from Alexander Resources, a leading research, consulting and education firm specializing in wireless communications.

The report also concluded that Wi-Fi hotspot services will not eliminate the need for 3G wireless technologies such as CDMA2000 1xEV-DO and that the business case for Wi-Fi hotspots as a substitute for 3G is flawed. Wi-Fi hotspots are best suited to serving notebook PC users in select airport, hotel, and restaurant locations.

Additionally, delays in deployment and acceptance of WCDMA phones and networks presents a significant window of opportunity for carriers deploying EV-DO. However, wireless carriers may be in danger of missing the time-to-market, cost, and performance advantages offered by EV-DO by not accelerating deployment of this technology in their networks.

Additional conclusions found in this new report include:

  • EV-DO frees carriers from the false dilemma of charging data users for the equivalent voice resources consumed. Using dedicated bandwidth, carriers can develop mobile data as an independent business.
  • Many CDMA2000 carriers look at EV-DO as a competitive insurance policy should WCDMA start to take off. Because EV-DO can handoff to CDMA20001x, it can be deployed by carriers where needed to meet customer needs and competitive requirements – avoiding WCDMA’s large-scale deployment requirements.
  • The success of EV-DO will reduce future demand for current CDMA ‘data-voice’ (EV-DV). The latter will mainly be relegated to carriers with insufficient spectrum.

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