U.S. 3G and Internet "Wireless Gap" May Not Exist, According to Alexander Resources

DALLAS, Texas, December 12

Although the U.S. is often criticized for being behind Europe and Japan in mobile phone usage and penetration, allocation of 3G spectrum and availability and usage of Wireless Internet services, analysis by Alexander Resources, a leading research, consulting and education firm specializing in wireless communications, indicates that many of the factors that have created demand and usage in these other countries may not be relevant to the U.S. Therefore a real "wireless gap" may not exist as usage, deployment and penetration of new wireless networks and services will continue to take on different forms in the U.S.

Alexander Resources believes that unique social, regulatory, political, economic, and competitive issues and factors will continue to impact usage, penetration and deployment of new wireless networks and services in the U.S. Specifically:

> Highly competitive U.S. business environment

> Pro-competitive and laissez-faire regulatory and legislative laws and policies

> Investments by carriers in 1G and 2G networks

> Multiplicity of competitive standards

> Each wireless carrier's business objectives and strategies

> Consumer social and cultural differences such as time spent in private vs. public transportation

> High penetration and usage of Internet service in the home and business

> Availability of low cost and sophisticated wired telephone infrastructure and services

While these factors will continue to contribute to a unique wireless environment in the U.S., both 3G and Wireless Internet in the U.S. are expected to achieve the same successes and high levels of consumer satisfaction as in Europe and Japan albeit at a different timetable and form.

To further explore the impact these and other issues and factors will have on 3G wireless and Wireless Internet in the U.S., Alexander Resources has introduced two new business seminars.

The "Making Money in the U.S. Wireless Internet Market" seminar is the only business seminar to address the hurdles, opportunities, strategies and tactics to maximizing profits and revenues in the U.S. Wireless Internet market.

The "3G Wireless: Promises and Realities" seminar is the only seminar to provide a critical and objective examination of third generation wireless networks and services in the context of market, customer and political realities.

Additional information can be obtained from Alexander Resources at 972-818-8225, on the web at www.AlexanderResources.com or by e-mail at seminars@AlexanderResources.com.

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