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New York Times Cites Jerry Kaufman in Nokia/Apple iPhone Patent Lawsuit

Radio Technology Proliferation and Alternative Networks Can Damage Mobile and Cellular Industry

New Broadband Wireless Access Technologies Create Threats and Opportunities for Fixed and Mobile Carriers

New Products and Key Deployments Accelerating WiMAX Growth

New Study Finds Wireless VoIP Emerging as Threat to Mobile Carrier’s Profits and Revenue

Unlicensed Mobile Access Opening up Residential Telephone Market to Mobile Carriers

New Players, Partnerships, and Key Segments Will Grow Wireless M2M to $270 Billion by 2010

Sprint Wireless’ Growth, Revenue and Profit Performance and Outlook Challenged in New Study by Alexander Resources

4G Wireless Network Winners and Losers

Research in 3G Wireless Finds CDMA2000 ‘Data-Only’ To Be Superior to W-CDMA and Wi-Fi

$1.93 Billion Mobile Games Market Will Be Dominated By a Few Key Players

Excellence in 3G Wireless Data Communications Award© will Recognize the U.S. Mobile Phone Carrier Offering the Best Services, Quality, Pricing and Products

"Opportunities in the New Mobile Reality: An Assessment of the U.S. Mobile Industry 2002-2005"   Keynote speech by Jerry Kaufman at the Metroplex Technology Business Council

2.5G and 3G Wireless Success Assured by New Mobile Decision Support Applications and Services According to Alexander Resources

Success in New 2.5G and 3G Wireless Networks Analyzed

U.S. Subscriber Saturation in 2004 Will Push Wireless Carriers to 3G

Alexander Resources Identifies Four Key Stages to Full 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Availability and Acceptance

Success in 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Requires Bifurcation of Networks, Standards, Spectrum, Terminals and Services

Key 3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Services Identified in New Research by Alexander Resources

3G Wireless and Mobile Internet Must Change Focus to Succeed

U.S. 3G and Internet "Wireless Gap" May Not Exist

Spectrum, Standards and Services Choices Challenge Success in 3G Wireless and the Wireless Internet

Major Business Issues Threaten 3G Wireless and Wireless Internet

Lack of Business Communications Services Threatens PCS and Cellular Carriers

AT&T Wireless Tests Opportunity Identified by Alexander Resources

Customer Demand and Requirements for Mobile Internet and Third Generation Wireless Products and Services Detailed in New Research by Alexander Resources

New Video Applications Expected to Generate Demand for High Bandwidth Mobile Internet and Third Generation Wireless Networks


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