Customer Demand and Requirements for Mobile Internet and Third Generation Wireless Products and Services Detailed in New Research by Alexander Resources


Mobile Internet and Third Generation (3G) wireless multimedia products and services promise a future world of universal wireless phones, global roaming and wireless Internet acces. Yet actual customer demand and price and performance requirements for these new products and services remains largely unknown.

To provide manufacturers and wireless carriers with the information necessary to make informed and accurate business decisions about the opportunity for Mobile Internet and Third Generation wireless (MI-3G) products and services, Alexander Resources has initiated a new research program. The research program will conduct an in-depth consumer survey in order to detail demand and price and performance requirements for MI-3G.

Utilizing Alexander Resources' proprietary survey methodologies, the research program will provide factual answers to the most important questions about MI-3G:

  • Who will use these new products and services?
  • Which products and services will have the greatest demand?
  • Which product and service features and capabilities are most important to consumers?
  • How much will consumers be willing to pay for these new products and services?

To accurately predict demand and requirements, the survey will examine current and projected usage of existing products and services that are expected to drive the demand for MI-3G. These include various Internet, computer and wireless products and services. The survey will also examine lifestyle, behavioral, environmental and social influences and predispositions that are also expected to influence demand and requirements. The survey will encompass 1,000 business and residential consumers in the United States.

The results of the survey and analysis will be published in a report containing the survey data along with detailed forecasts and product and services requirements.

Alexander Resources, a telecommunications research consultancy, is based in Dallas, Texas. Since 1989, Alexander Resources' custom consulting services, market research reports, educational seminars and conferences have served as the Source For SuccessTM to both vendors and users of wireless communications systems and services.

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