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LTE (Long Term Evolution of Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network) Communications Training Course
Understanding the Fundamentals & Evolution of LTE Technologies, Networks, & Standards

Does your job depend on you gaining a comprehensive understanding of new LTE networks, technologies and services?

Then you need to attend the only non-commercial, instructor led training course that covers the fundamentals, differences and evolution of all current and future LTE networks, technologies, standards, services, and spectrum bands.

This course will explain the fundamentals, sort out the differences, demystify the technologies and simplify the operations of LTE

In the next three years over 35 competing and incompatible cellular radio technologies, alternative networks and associated standards will be deployed and operational in the United States.

By attending this seminar, you will understand the strengths, weakness and differences of each and their impact on your business, products, services and career.                                                               

The course's curriculum is suitable to professionals new to LTE and those needing an update on the latest LTE technologies, products, networks, services, standards, and trends. While the course covers all LTE technologies, it is not an engineering course. We simplify complex technologies so you won't need an engineering degree to understand them.

Major topics covered in this training course include:
  • LTE Radio Signaling Fundamentals
  • LTE Spectrum Use, Management and Availability
  • LTE Standards Organizations
  • LTE Network Technologies, Architectures, Generations & Standards
  • LTE Terminals & Phones
  • Analysis of the Key Carriers, Network Operators & Resellers
  • Examining the future of LTE and LTE-Advanced
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This LTE training course is taught by Jerry Kaufman, president of Alexander Resources. Mr. Kaufman is an internationally recognized consultant and expert on cellular, mobile, and wireless communications. He has been teaching seminars on these subjects since 1994. In addition to teaching, Mr. Kaufman has authored numerous research reports and regularly serves as an expert witness and patent analyst on cellular, mobile, and wireless technologies, networks, and services.

Additional information regarding Mr. Kaufman's experience and expertise can be found in his biography.

This training course is offered as an instructor lead, private, on-site and custom course at your company anywhere in the world.
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