Survey Services

Do you need to know:

  • Which customer segments will have the highest need and will pay the most for your products/services?
  • Which product/service features and capabilities are most important to customers - and which customer segments? Which are the least important?
  • What do customers like and dislike about your products/services? What are the primary reasons they purchase them?
  • If sufficient demand exists for your products/services?
  • What are customer's unmet needs?
  • How satisfied are customers with the products/services purchased from your competitors? What are the primary reasons they purchase their products/services?
  • How do customers rank your company's sales force, products, and services against the competition?
  • How aware is the marketplace of your products/services?

We can tell you!

Alexander Resources specializes in providing its clients with quantified and qualified answers to these critical business questions. We use highly developed survey research tools (telephone, mail, Internet, focus groups, and in-person interviewing) and methodologies to provide our clients with exceedingly accurate and focused information and data.

To insure our surveys accurately reflects a respondent's current and future needs and identifies the key influences on their purchase decisions, willingness to pay, etc. we have developed a methodology that uses anthropological analysis techniques. This methodology overcomes the inaccuracies of surveys that rely solely on the the respondent's ability to accurately self predict their need, spending, usage and requirements for a new product or service which does not currently exist. Our methodology reduces this problem by examining and assessing the vagaries of physical and psychological needs and social and cultural influences on human behavior. By examining past behavior (purchasing, usage, etc.) along with life-style, behavioral, environmental and social influences and predispositions, it can accurately predict future behavior and needs. Simply put, this technique has respondents relate rather than speculate. It insures that the information our clients receive accurately reflects the needs, environment, profile and intentions of a customer.

In addition to our proprietary methodologies we use the most sophisticated tools to gather the needed information. Our interviewing centers are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software to automate the telephone interviewing process and to bring significant cost reductions to the project. CATI, computer-aided telephone interviewing, brings many new capabilities to our centers including skip logic, statistical analysis of results, client monitoring capabilities, and instant status report production.

Our survey services are unique because we accommodate both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customer interviewing. This means our customer analysts are trained and experienced in both industrial and consumer applications of customer interviewing and that their skills are ideally suited for all our clients.

In summary, our proprietary survey methodologies, expertise, and capabilities combined with our in-depth understanding of wireless communications markets, technologies, networks, products & services enables us to provide our clients with the information and insights necessary to capture new opportunities and gain significant competitive advantages.

You won't know if you don't ask
But you need to know who to ask and how to ask the right questions to get the right answers.
We do.

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