Alexander Resources' initial research into customer demand and requirements for mobile Internet and third generation (MI-3G) wireless products and services indicates that real time mobile video communications has the potential to lead the next revolution in communications.

Alexander Resources believes that real time mobile video communications can generate the need for new MI-3G networks just as the need for real time mobile voice communications generated growth of first and second generation wireless networks.

By using high bandwidth MI-3G wireless links, new mobile phones with built in cameras, along with digital cameras and camcorders with wireless interfaces, will, for the first time, be able to send and receive video images from anywhere to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Real time mobile video communications will free users from the constraints of fixed locations, thereby creating many new applications and benefits.

Specifically, Alexander Resources expects that LAT (Look At This) applications will generate the greatest amount of real time, mobile video communications usage. LAT applications differ from video conferencing, Picturephone and "See You, See Me" applications in that one or more of the parties communicating is mobile and that the images are not necessarily of people but of objects.

Three of the many LAT applications to be evaluated in Alexander's research program include:

  • Retail

A consumer wishing to purchase an item at a store would send an image of the item to a spouse or someone else at another location for comment or approval.

  • Real Estate

Prior to an on-site visit by a client, a real estate agent would preview the house/building and send images of it and surrounding areas to the client. The real estate agent would be able to hold a voice conversation with their client while sending the images.

  • General Business

To assist in operating, developing, designing, repairing, maintaining, installing, inspecting a system/product, workers would be able to send images of the item to colleagues at other locations while holding a voice conversation.



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