CDMA2000 1xEV-DO: Opportunities, Challenges & Competitive Strategies

CDMA ‘Data-Only’ Grabs Lead in 3G Wireless Race

The latest CDMA technology demonstrates 3G wireless is here, enables operators to launch money-making multimedia services, and meets end users’ expectations. That is one of the conclusions of the new 77-page report, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO: Opportunities, Challenges & Competitive Strategies, published by Datacomm Research Company.

"Our research shows the combination of CDMA2000 1x and EV-DO consistently delivers a 3G wireless experience with services such as music and video on demand," said Ira Brodsky, President of Datacomm Research and principal author of the report. "But operators must bite the bullet and deploy EV-DO now to fully capitalize on its time-to-market, cost, and performance advantages," he added.

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO: Opportunities, Challenges & Competitive Strategies is based on more than 15 in-depth interviews with operators and manufacturers. The report includes sections on Pervasive Broadband Services, Market Segmentation, and Deployment Considerations.

Additional conclusions found in this new report include:

  • EV-DO frees operators from the false dilemma of charging data users for the equivalent voice resources consumed. Using dedicated bandwidth, operators can develop mobile data as an independent business.
  • EV-DO can compete against cable modem and DSL services—particularly in unserved and underserved locations. However, handset users are the primary market for EV-DO services.
  • CDMA2000 1xEV-DO has significant advantages over W-CDMA, the dominant UMTS technology. EV-DO requires less clear spectrum to deploy, currently delivers higher average and peak throughput, and is less expensive.
  • Some wireless LAN proponents believe Wi-Fi hotspot services will eliminate the need for 3G wireless. However, the business case for Wi-Fi hotspots as a substitute for 3G is flawed. Wi-Fi hotspots are best-suited to serving notebook PC users in select airport, hotel, and restaurant locations.
  • The success of CDMA ‘data only’ (EV-DO) will reduce future demand for CDMA ‘data-voice’ (EV-DV). The latter will mainly be relegated to operators with insufficient spectrum.

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