Winning and Losing in Mobile Games

Report Structure Overview

In this new report W2F highlights the winning and losing management strategies directing impacting competitiveness in the mobiel games market.

“Winning and Losing in Mobile Games” is a strategic handbook for companies involved or considering involvement in the growing mobile games sector based on statistical data, interviews, surveys and analysis of 37 countries worldwide. The report provides the reader with top level strategic information on the shape and size of the market as well as an in-depth analysis of the mechanisms of that will shape consumer demand for the product and how companies can and will react with “winning and losing” strategies to this demand.

The questions this report answers is not only when but how the Mobile Games market will reach maturation and who are going to be the companies that stand to gain the most. In it you will learn how to compete effectively in this market and how will this change over time

This report comprises the key elements required for assessing the mobile games competitive landscape:

  • Market size
  • Factors driving the market
  • Key players in the market
  • How the market will change over time
  • Recommendations for companies involved and considering involvement in this market
The report includes statistical analysis of 37 of the world’s most developed mobile markets including:

USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Australia, India, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan.

Winning and Losing in Mobile Games has been developed over 6 months of intensive research utilising
  • key interviews with leading content Mobile and Non-mobile Games developers
  • intensive statistical analysis providing market valuations, technology availability and potential consumer demand for Mobile Games
  • case studies of successful mobile games markets and services providers identifying their business models and how they are monetising Mobile Games profitably.

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