Winning and Losing in Mobile Content

Report Content Overview

This report examines the economic feasibility of business critical factors within the Mobile Content industry. It demonstrates how the choice of Distribution Channel will make or break a Mobile Content Provider.

It also demonstrates how Operators who take a proactive stance in evolving these channels will stimulate long-term ARPU growth, customer loyalty and reduce Churn

Furthermore, it provides a clear business case and sales message for those servicing this industry through technological innovation or the licensing of intellectual property.

This report comprises the key elements required for developing

  • a mobile content strategy for providers and operators
  • a strategy to sell to mobile content providers or operators
  • a business case for those entering the market

Winning and Losing in Mobile Content has been developed over 12 months of intensive research utilising:

  • key interviews with leading content owners, FMCG brands, operators, technology providers
  • intensive statistical analysis providing market valuations, technology availability and potential consumer demand for content
  • case studies of successful content providers and licensors globally identify their business models and how they are monetizing mobile content profitably

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