Sprint Wireless: A Critical Analysis of Key Financial and Market Performance Issues, Challenges and Successes

About the Author

Jerry A. Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman is an acknowledged authority and expert on both mobile and fixed wireless communications networks and services (terrestrial and satellite). Over the past 35 years, he has held a variety of senior level technical, sales and marketing positions at Nortel Networks, Siemens, Executone, and Gartner/Dataquest. In these positions, he was responsible for the planning, design, development, sales, and marketing of next generation private, public telecommunications networks, and services. He has authored research reports and taught seminars on mobile and fixed wireless networks and services including wireless in-building business communications, wireless local exchange services, wireless internet, and third generation wireless. Mr. Kaufman has also served as a plaintiff and defendant expert witness in civil lawsuits involving wireless communications products and services.

Since 1990, Mr. Kaufman has served as President of Alexander Resources. Alexander Resources is a leading provider of strategic consulting, educational services, and research reports to the wireless communications industry. As President of Alexander Resources, he directs all research, publishing, seminars, conferences, consulting projects, client relations, and expert witness engagements.

Mr. Kaufman’s expert opinions and articles have appeared in such publications as:

America's Network, Arizona Republic, Business Communications Review, Business Week, CFO Magazine, Communications Daily, Dallas Morning News, Forbes, Fortune, Information Week, Investor's Business Daily, Los Angeles Times, Microwaves & RF Technology, RCR, Scientific American Newsletters, TR Wireless News, Telecommunications Alert, Teleconnect, Telephony, TotalTele.com, Wired Magazine, Wireless Data News, Wireless Week, Wireless World, USA Today and others.

Mr. Kaufman has authored various research reports on wireless communications:

·          “Opportunities In The U.S. Wireless In-Building Business Communications Market”

·          “Wireless Local Exchange Services: Opportunities, Competition and Strategies”

·          “Wireless Business Communications Systems: Customer Requirements and Marketing Strategies”

·          “Wireless Business Telephone Markets: 1998 to 2003

·          “Customer Demand and Requirements for Mobile Internet and Third Generation Wireless Products and Services”

Mr. Kaufman teaches educational seminars on wireless communications:

·          “New Mobile and Fixed Wireless Networks and Services”

·          “Wireless Business Telephone Systems”

·          “Making Money in The U.S. Wireless Internet Market”

·          “Wireless Local Exchange Services”

·          “Third Generation Wireless: Promises and Realities”


Mr. Kaufman has organized and produced conferences on emerging opportunities in wireless communications:

·          “PCS and Local Exchange Services Conference”

·          “Wireless Business Communications Systems Conference”


Mr. Kaufman has served as a business consultant to major manufacturers and service providers of wireless communication systems and services in the areas of:

·          Product planning and introduction

·          Revitalizing declining sales and profits

·          Product impact analysis

·          In-depth market analysis for new product opportunities

·          Marketing strategies and positioning

·          Distribution planning and development

·          Product audits

·          Competitive analysis and strategies (product and company)

·          Business plan development

·          End-user/customer surveys using conjoint analysis


Mr. Kaufman has lectured on wireless communications at conferences sponsored by:

Tele-Communications Association, IEEE, Business Communications Review, International Communications Association, TRLabs, Association of Local Telecommunications Services, and the Multi Media Telecommunications Association.


Mr. Kaufman has served as an expert witness providing testimony, research, and analysis on a wide spectrum of civil and business matters/litigation involving wireless communications products and services. In addition to managing all expert witness engagements, he directly manages the research and production of all expert reports and testimony. He personally testifies at trial and depositions. His engagements have involved:

Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Implied Terms of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Civil Conspiracy, Constructive Fraud, Fraud, Fraudulent Concealment and Deceit, Fraudulent Inducement, Misappropriation of Confidential and Proprietary Information, Negligent Misrepresentation, Patent Infringement, Theft of Trade Secrets, Tortuous Interference, Unfair Competition, Uniform Written Misrepresentation and Common Omission, Unilateral Mistake, Unjust Enrichment and Imposition of a Constructive Trust, and Violation of State Deceptive Sales Statutes.


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