Hard Numbers and Experts' Insights on Migration to 4G Wireless Technology

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Hard Numbers and Experts’ Insights on Migration to 4G Wireless Technology provides detailed information on how OFDM technology performs relative to CDMA, its effectiveness in the mobile environment and in what scenarios it will offer advantages over other technologies. This authoritative report provides concrete numbers, a detailed analysis of the relative benefits of different technical approaches and the insights of pioneering experts on the advantages and limitations of both CDMA- and OFDM-based solutions. The report also quantifies the spectral efficiency of a wide range of existing and forthcoming mobile wireless technologies in various configurations, illustrating the gains from techniques such as receive diversity, channel equalization and MIMO.

Focusing on the crucial strategic issues, this report is sure to be read and discussed by the global wireless industry's business and technology leaders.

Published Q1, 2005. 46 pages, 8 figures and 8 tables.

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