Megapixel Camera-Phones North America - A Comparative Analysis

About the Author

Tony Henning

Tony Henning is the Managing Editor and Senior Analyst for the Future Image MIR (Mobile Imaging Report) service covering the convergence of digital imaging and wireless communications. He is also the author of “Wireless Imaging – Overcoming the Challenges,” “The Camera-Phone Phenomenon – A New Deal for Imaging,” “Will Camera-Phones Replace Digital Cameras?,” “4 x 6 Shoot-Out – Are Camera-Phones Ready To Make Consumer Prints?,” “Sending Photos Phone to Phone: Challenges & Opportunities,” and “Turning Push into Pull – Driving Clicks and Prints From Camera-Phones,” and “Megapixel Camera-Phones North America – A Comparative Overview.” Henning has presented on mobile imaging at CTIA, Photo Marketing Association, Digital Imaging Marketing Association, Mobile Imaging Summit North America 2004, Mobile Imaging Europe 2004: Profiting in the Camera-Phone Ecosystem, Mobile Imaging North America 2003, Seybold, I3A, Digital Imaging Group, Mobile Multimedia Messaging, and Wireless Internet 2001.

In addition to Mobile Imaging, Henning is also a noted expert on the related areas of Visual Asset Management and DRM (digital rights management). He is the author of “Protecting Visual Assets on the Internet – Turning Pictures into Profits,” “Image Servers  – Early Adopter Case Studies,” and “Image Servers – A Competitive Analysis.” He has taught courses or presented on these topics at the Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine, and at various industry events, including Visual Communication: Infoimaging At Work, Seybold, MacWorld, Photo Marketing Association, ANPA-TEC, ContentWorld, and others.

After 20 years as a professional photographer, Henning helped found AXS/Digital Arts & Sciences in 1989. As Vice President and Senior Vice President, he directed the development of applications and utilities to manage visual assets for a wide variety of customers and markets. These products include: ImageAXS™ and ImageAXS™ Pro for the retail consumer market; NewsPhotoAccess™, OnLineReader™, and PhotoProcessor™ for the professional publishing industry; EmbARK® for museum collections management; and ImageAXS™ Pro-Med for healthcare professionals. He joined Future Image in October 1999.

He attended Yale Law School and holds a B.A. in English from Stanford University.

Mr. Henning’s client list includes: 20th Century Plastics, Adobe Systems, Aryya Communications, Eastman Kodak, Equilibrium Technologies, Internet Pictures, IPAC, MediaBin, LightSurf Technologies, Olympus, Scene7, Sony, Sprint PCS, The Bulldog Group, Triformix, TriWorks, TrueSpectra, and Wright Technologies.

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