Wireless VoIP - What Threat to Mobile Operators?

About the Author

Frédéric Pujol of IDATE

The "Wireless VoIP - What Threat to Mobile Operators?" report was written by Frédéric Pujol and published by IDATE.

Frédéric joined IDATE in November 1992. As head of IDATE's mobile division, he is responsible for consultancy assignments and prospective studies in this sector. In recent months, he has produced a series of studies on the impact of technological innovation and the new rules of competition in this rapidly expanding sector. Prior to joining IDATE, he acquired in-depth experience in mobile network architecture while with the France Telecom Group (Sofrecom, Télésystèmes).

Frédéric graduated as engineer from ISEN (Institut Supérieur d'Electronique du Nord, Telecommunications option, Lille, 1986) and CITCOM (Technologies communication engineering centre, Network architecture option, Paris, 1987).

Previous projects have included:
Trend of standardization in Europe
Mobile VoIP
Mobile data services
Worldwide PMR market
Study on information on the allocation, availability and use of radio spectrum
Mobile payment
R&D of mobile operators in Western Europe
Next generation mobile communications & telematics
UMTS situation in Europe
Worldwide TV transmitter market
Corporate Mobile Services (multiclient study)
Mobile services distribution in Europe
Tariffing strategy of a telecommunications operator

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