Wireless VoIP - What Threat to Mobile Operators?

Report Content Overview

The “Wireless VoIP: What Threat to Mobile Operators?” report provides a comprehensive analysis of wVoIP technological challenges, networks, handsets, software solutions, wVoIP commercial deployments, trials and growth scenarios for 2005-2010.

Key areas examined include:

Technologies and Technological issues

  • The spread of voice over Wi-Fi in the business world, households and hotspots.
  • The growing availability of a vast array of compatible handsets (WI-FI, dual mode, & WIMAX).
  • The deployment of UMTS TDD networks and all-IP FDD networks driven by IMS.
  • Flash-OFDM and iBurst technologies experiments and tests.

Player strategies

  • Strategies for mobile carriers, both those with and without a 3G license: 3G rate plan strategies, regulatory strategies, controlling the handsets, and the complementary aspects of cellular-Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks
  • Strategies for wireline carriers: MVNO agreements, mobile operator takeovers, creation of BWA networks, combined fixed broadband-Wi-Fi, convergent network deployment
  • New entrant strategies: software publishers, MVNOs, value-added service providers.

Growth scenarios 2005-2010

  • Changes in data rate plans (flat rates, unlimited offers)
  • Impact on traffic: acceleration of fixed-mobile substitution; possibility of recuperating a portion of mobile traffic on the fixed network; global increase of voice traffic
  • The challenges that lie ahead for voice and data MVNOs. Impact of regulation.
  • The combined impact of these various factors on the European and American markets

The report also includes in-depth case studies on such key players as:

  • ArrayComm
  • AT&T
  • Annatel
  • Bell Canada
  • Broadvoice
  • BT
  • Concourse Communications
  • Flash Networks
  • Flarion
  • IDT Corporation
  • Korea Telecom
  • Kyocera Wireless / Boingo
  • Net2Phone
  • NTT DoCoMo
  • Skype
  • Towerstream
  • US Wireless Online
  • Verizon
  • Vodafone
  • Vonage

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