WiMAX: Ready for Deployment?

Report Content Overview

This new report provides an analysis of the growth prospects for the market built around WiMAX technology. It supplies readers with a detailed view of the offers, both those which are already available, and those in the trial or pre-launch stage, and, through an examination of existing regulatory and competitive restrictions, maps out WiMAX’s most likely growth scenarios.

The report answers key questions about this emerging market:

  • Which barriers will prevent effective WiMAX deployment?
  • What will the consequences be due to delays in product certification?
  • What opportunities exist for equipment manufacturers and electronic component suppliers?
  • Will lower terminal prices lead to a veritable WiMAX boom?
  • What are the risks for fixed and mobile operators who enter the WiMAX market?

The report also provides a complete analysis of the WiMAX market’s development:

  • WiMAX technologies: WiMAX performances (indoor vs. outdoor, urban zone vs. rural zone), comparison of standards (from 802.16-2001 to 802.16e, range, bitrate, modulation, ... ), equipment and cost elements
  • WiMAX's positioning compared to other technologies: Wi-Fi, 3G, WiBro, cable, DSL, fibre, satellite, mobile telephony
  • Regulatory landscape: overview, national regulation (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States)
  • Player Profiles: world leaders' offering (positioning, target clientele, partners, …), telecom operators' deployments and trials
  • Business models: investment and maintenance costs (indoor, outdoor, SME)…, production costs in rural zones
  • Prospects: uses and applications, deployment scenarios, and market estimates

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