Broadband Wireless Access

Potential for mobile WiMAX & alternative BWA technologies

  • IEEE 802.16
  • WiMAX
  • IEEE 802.20
  • iBurst
In-depth examination of:
  • Broadband wireless access and mobile 3G technologies
  • New and alternative technologies
  • Spectrum issues & frequency comparisons
  • BWA/WiMAX market opportunities
  • International benchmark and country by country analysis
  • Operators' and suppliers' strategies

Report Content Overview

This report focuses on the debate over the place in the equation of fixed and mobile WiMAX, traditional 3G technologies and their offspring - UMTS TDD, FLASH-OFDM and iBurst. Alternative BWA technologies are evolving quickly. The biggest change in the BWA industry is undoubtedly the WiMAX ecosystem's shift towards a new mobile standard. Alternative broadband wireless technologies have now been tested in actual conditions in many commercial deployments. Equipment availability for each standard or proprietary solution is also essential, as it drives adoption by operators and end users.

Answers to Key Questions
  • What are the latest technological developments?
  • What are the barriers and drivers for each technology?
  • What will be the impact on services and equipment?
  • What are the current BWA/WiMAX offers?
  • Which strategies should operators and manufacturers adopt?
  • What is the growth outlook for access technologies?
  • What are the spectrum issues in each country?
  • Complementarity vs. competition?

Who should read this report?
  • Manufacturers
    • Knowledge of the timeline for BWA technology deployments
    • Take account of the timeline for service rollouts
  • Fixed and mobile telecom operators and ISPs
    • Assessing the opportunities that BWA technologies represent, and the issues involved in new frequency band allocations
    • For mobile operators: measuring the actual threats posed by BWA technologies
  • Regulators
    • Identifying the types of service that will be offered
    • Validating the frequency bands that will actually be used
  • Investors and analysts
    • Evaluating the potential of BWA technologies and their relevant markets
    • Identifying the most dynamic key players (operators and suppliers)

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