Survey Proposal Questionnaire

This structured questionnaire will help you detail your needs for a market survey. We will use this information to prepare a research proposal for you. All information you provide us will remain strictly confidential, will not be disclosed in any form to any any other organization and will be used for no other purpose than to prepare a proposal for you. Complete and thorough answers to the following questions will allow us to address your information needs quickly and effectively.

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Required Response Date:

Company web address:

1. How did you hear about Alexander Resources?

2. Describe in detail your product or service, and the market that is to be the subject of this research. Please note if this is a new market or application.

3. What market challenges are your company facing? (Check all that apply.)
 Need to increase sales or market share of existing product(s)
 Need guidance in developing a new product or entering a new market
 Competition is making inroads into our business
 Need to improve effectiveness of distribution channels
 Need more or better information on customer needs, product requirements and purchase requirements/preferences
 Need help in evaluating a merger, acquisition, or strategic partnership
 Need help in planning a new product introduction

4. Identify the overall objectives for this survey: (Check all that apply.)
 Evaluation need/opportunity for new product
 Identify/quantify new markets for existing technology or product
 Identify/quantify products or applications for new technology
 Develop competitive profiles or competitive evaluation of new or existing market
 Identify user preferences, buying criteria, etc.

5. Who in your company will use the information gathered and how?

6. What business decisions will be affected by and/or based on the information gathered?

7. What measurements need to be taken through the research?

A. Market Analysis Required (Overall market data analysis—check all that apply.)
     1. Market size Dollars Units
     2. Market history Dollars Units
     3. Market forecast Dollars Units
     4. Forecast period Three years Five years Other
     5. Market segmentation Application Geography Product Technology Other
B. Competitive Analysis Required (Check all that apply.)
Specify sample size and interviewee selection criteria desired (if known) for competitors:
     Distribution (by country, etc.)
     Contact type(s) or position(s)
     Specific company names
C. Customer Analysis Required (Check all that apply.)
     1. Customer unmet needs
     2. Customer profiles At market level At individual company level
     3. Installed base
     4. Customers' perceptions of or satisfaction with: Existing products Existing suppliers Existing distributors
     5. Customer price sensitivity
     6. Customer purchasing criteria, budgeting cycle, buying patterns
     7. Product replacement rate or usage patterns
     8. Customer segmentation
     9. Specify sample size and interviewee selection criteria desired (if known) for customers:
     Distribution (by country, etc.)
     Contact type(s) or position(s)
     Specific company names
D. Other Analysis

8. Who will supply contact list(s)? (Please check one.)
 Your company
 Alexander Resources
 Purchased list

9. Who will develop questionnaire(s)? (Please check one.)
 Your company
 Alexander Resources (with your review)
 Alexander Resources only

10. What is the geographic area of the survey? (Please check all that apply and indicate any specific cities/states/provinces/countries.)
 United States
 Japan/Southeast Asia
 Latin America

11. What languages besides English are required for the survey?

12. What type(s) of information do you wish to receive from this project? (Please check all that apply.)
 Factual interview data only—no analysis
 Analysis of interview data, summary of conclusions
 Recommendations based on interview data

13. In what form should the results be provided to you? (Please check all that apply.)
 Executive summary
 Written report—qualitative analysis (specify expected length below)
 Written report—quantitative analysis (specify expected length below)
 Graphical—tables & charts (specify expected length below)
 Oral presentation

14. Do you require transcripts of the interviews/survey instruments? (Please check all that apply.)
 Diskette (check desired format)     3½-inch diskette     zip disk

15. What type of response from us do you need now? (Please check all that apply.)
 Phone call to discuss project needs
 Capabilities letter—general description of our ideas for this work
 Formal proposal—comprehensive project specification, costs, etc.
 Personal meeting to present ideas or proposal

16. How soon is a response needed?

Special handling? (e.g. e-mail, fax, fax and mail, overnight, etc.):

17. What transactions do you require for the project? (Please check all that apply.)
 Teleconference to start project
 Interim report(s)—describe below
 Final written report
 Final personal presentation at your location
 Final personal presentation at our office

18. When do you need to have the final report delivered from us?
Number of weeks from start or deadline date:

19. At what stage are you in your consideration of this project?
 Early—Need preliminary details to have project plan and cost approved
 Mid—Project approved; need cost to match with available budget
 Late—Selecting a vendor to conduct project; cost, time and credentials critical

20. The cost for a given project can vary, depending on how we define such factors as the depth of results, number of interviews completed, difficulty in reaching certain contact people, etc. If you have budgeted this project, we would like to know the approximate size of the budget so that we can match our proposal to that figure. What is your expected budget for this work? (e.g. $10-25k, $25k-40k, etc.)?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please click on the "Submit" button below when you have filled out the entire questionnaire. We will respond to you in five business days.


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